Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tony Hillerman Quote on the Sierra Club

I think that if you have even casually read the Offroading Home blog you realize our interest in pretty much all things Native American midst our intense interest in providing free offroad trail maps.

Tony Hillerman is a world renowned Native American historian, author, conservationist and advocate of the land who has written upwards of thirty books, always informing and entertaining.

He not only understands and appreciates the land and landscapes but he probably is one of the most skilled observers of people, their needs, habits and motives of any author alive today.

Here is his take on the Sierra Club and people like them.

"I must say that some people look on me as, at best, a mixed blessing. Especially guys like Dan Murphy. The people who really love the landscape. They love it because it's empty. And it stays empty only if people stay away from it – and nobody's there but them, right?

Sorta the same as - I sometimes think it's the same attitude that causes a lot of people to support the Sierra Club. I mean, they love the country. And they love it better if the hoi polloi [Ed. - ignorant masses, common people uncultured and apt to act stupidly] is not there – the barber and the working man, you know, and it's left for the culturally elite who really appreciate it… right?

So they don't have to mingle when they get there with somebody who went to a state supported teachers college, you know strictly ivy leaguers."
Tony Hillerman

Pretty much sums it up, doesn't it?


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