Friday, July 5, 2013

Interstate Exits: Nevada KML File

This is the fifth in our series of Google Earth (GE) files containing all the interstate exits located within the western states is for Nevada, one of my home stomping grounds.

After serendipitously stumbling upon the data which I've been searching for the past several years, I decided to digitize them for others to use; because, as you know, good old GE doesn't have them in its repertoire.

In fact I've already used this file to help me locate a staging area for a trail I was reading about. As they often do, the book merely threw out "a large staging area is available on the east of the freeway at exit 129" just as if we all had exit numbers in our hip pocket – I'm lucky if I can remember by cell phone number.

Nevada Interstates

Really, Nevada only sports two main interstates and a couple of little local ones around Las Vegas. I-80 transits the state horizontally (east-west) between the Great Salt Lake Desert and around Reno. I-15, as odd numbered ones do, runs north-south and allows the thing to pass out of Arizona, to Vegas and quickly into California in the extreme southern tip of the state.

I-215 and I-515 allow for a belt route around Vegas, and believe me it needs it, as well as giving access to the nicest city in southern Nevada, Boulder.

Free Google Earth File

The free Google Earth file for Nevada interstate exits is available at: Google Earth Trail FileOffroading Home on the specialty map resource page. Click to arrive at the page and select the Nevada map. It is a .kml file that is utilized by Google Earth. You can either save the map on your computer or click "open" to have it open directly inside Google Earth.

Learn A Little More

Nearing the end of the series of You Tube videos available on the subject, let's watch one of the funniest routines Victor Borge did in his concerts.

You probably remember the award winning movie about Mozart in which the little known composer Salieri recalled how he "killed Mozart" from his bed in the asylum he was taken to after attempting suicide. The story is one of jealousy in the extreme and is what Borge references in this video.

Victor Borge - "An Opera by Mozart with Salieri's name on it"


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