Saturday, December 29, 2012

GEO-tography: Nat Geo

Where better to go for photos of our "Geo" than Nat-GEO? National Geographic has been and is still the premier magazine for photo essays about anything on the planet.

What you may not know is that photographers from all over the world submit photographs to them, hoping to jumpstart careers, get noticed, show off or just share a truly unique moment captured fortuitously. And they regularly make selected photos available for people to download as wallpapers.

Here is a selection of the best of the best of National Geographic desktop wallpapers, including some from the National Geographic photography team and some submitted by their site readers. The photographers’ comments are also included here.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Good Year For RZR 900's - Scanlon Ferry Road

Being very unhappy with the way his last rig was designed and thereby performed, Gordon determined to buy the new RZR 900 this year – and he did. Apparently, at the same time, Hugh became enamored with the machine and replaced his old rock-climber as well.

Arriving at their favorite riding spot for the winter season (Beaver Dam/Mesquite Nevada), they found that Steve had also made the same decision. Hugh and Gordon took their rigs on a "shake-down" ride up to East Canyon (which we already told you about) and then all three of them went down to Scanlon Ferry road – to test out their brakes!

They wrote that the trip, which normally takes merely a full day's ride, became a tad eventful – well I'll let Hugh tell you about it…

"Steve, Gordon and I went for a ride yesterday (Dec. 20th, 2012). We all have 900's and it was Steve's first trip out with his.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

East Pass - "Officially" Closed

It's one thing to have the BLM put up a sign and close a trail; but, quite another still to have God do it. One of Hugh's - and I suppose mine as well - favorite rides from the Mesquite Nevada area is to run up Beaver Dam Wash, through the Tule Desert past Sam's Camp and over what people call East Pass back into Nevada.

Well he and Gordon just attempted their annual ride and he's just sent in a report that "As of Dec. 17, 2012 East Pass is now officially closed. See attached pictures for documentation."

I've posted a previous article and map of the East Pass route. Thanks for the photos Hugh.