Sunday, January 12, 2014

"Scott Expedition": Coming Home

The boys in the Antarctic, Ben and Tarka, have been there and got the South Pole "T" shirt and are now high-tailin' it home.

In this case "high-tailin'" means over another month of beatin' it back to McMurdo Base in order to take the series of flights necessary to get them reunited for a belated Christmas and some well-needed heart-to-heart's with their families, friends and sponsors in Great Britain.

They've been on their way back for a couple of weeks (and believe me the turn around was NOT uneventful - see below) and we've substantially updated the Offroading Home Google Earth Antarctica Resource File. [Offroading Home has developed an extensive Google Earth Resource File which brings all the meaningful resources together all in one place and it's available free: Antarctica Resource File]