Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Interstate Exits: New Mexico KML File

This is the eleventh and final map in the series about Interstate Exits in the western U.S. – whew!

New Mexico is by no means the least of the western states, but it is one with the fewest submitted offroad trail maps. I've never had the pleasure to ride in the state, nor have we had many submitters from there. A trend we'd like to change.

This is one of the "four corner" western states with Colorado, Utah and Arizona. It's a state where humans are outnumbered by… well… pretty much EVERYTHING! With only 12 people per square mile it's hard not to be.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Interstate Exits: California KML File

It's finally here! I've been putting off doing the Google Earth (GE) KML for California interstate exits because of its size; but, I guess there's no stalling any longer. Somebody's gotta do it and I guess I'm the one.

This is the tenth such file I've created for the interstates in the west so you would think it would'a been easy, but it wasn't. Well, not so's ya'd know it much.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Interstate Exits: Montana KML File

Montana! Big Sky Country! Yellowstone! The ninth in the series of Google Earth (GE) KML maps I'm making to snazzy up the labels on the interstates in the western part of the country.

Now that I can open this map up in background of GE, I can tell where I'm at when a trail book advises "turn south at exit 27" as they all are want to do these days.

It's been no small feat but this is the ninth in the series of such files and leaves only California and New Mexico left to do.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Interstate Exits: Arizona KML File

We're on the home stretch of our journey through the interstate exits of the western states. As you can't possibly not know, I've been laboring through making Google Earth (GE) KML files in order to make up for the program's lack of labels.

It's been a thorn under my blanket for years that when nearly all the trail books I've read tell me to "turn left off interstate exit 253" I have absolutely no way of following along on Google Earth – cause there are no labels! Frankly, often when I zoom in to be able to even see some of the back-country roads, I have absolutely no clue where on the globe I've got to.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tony Hillerman Quote on the Sierra Club

I think that if you have even casually read the Offroading Home blog you realize our interest in pretty much all things Native American midst our intense interest in providing free offroad trail maps.

Tony Hillerman is a world renowned Native American historian, author, conservationist and advocate of the land who has written upwards of thirty books, always informing and entertaining.

He not only understands and appreciates the land and landscapes but he probably is one of the most skilled observers of people, their needs, habits and motives of any author alive today.

Here is his take on the Sierra Club and people like them.

"I must say that some people look on me as, at best, a mixed blessing. Especially guys like Dan Murphy. The people who really love the landscape. They love it because it's empty. And it stays empty only if people stay away from it – and nobody's there but them, right?

Sorta the same as - I sometimes think it's the same attitude that causes a lot of people to support the Sierra Club. I mean, they love the country. And they love it better if the hoi polloi [Ed. - ignorant masses, common people uncultured and apt to act stupidly] is not there – the barber and the working man, you know, and it's left for the culturally elite who really appreciate it… right?

So they don't have to mingle when they get there with somebody who went to a state supported teachers college, you know strictly ivy leaguers."
Tony Hillerman

Pretty much sums it up, doesn't it?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Interstate Exits: Colorado KML File

This is the seventh of our maps of the U.S. interstate exits and puts us well on our way to completing all the western states, which is our goal. Here is the Google Earth KML map for Colorado.

Eventually, we'll be able to load these files in the background and make up for the fact that Google Earth doesn't handle interstate exit labels very well - in fact not at all.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Interstate Exits: Idaho KML File

The sixth, and nowhere near the end, of our posting about maps for the interstate exits of the western U.S. states – this one for Idaho.

These, of course, are Google Earth maps, of the .kml file type, which can be loaded in the background whenever you are trying to find locations in the state. This because GE really doesn't handle the area navigational labels at all well. The National Geographic and other advertising placemarks it inflicts on us all too well, but the road labels leave a lot to be desired.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Interstate Exits: Nevada KML File

This is the fifth in our series of Google Earth (GE) files containing all the interstate exits located within the western states is for Nevada, one of my home stomping grounds.

After serendipitously stumbling upon the data which I've been searching for the past several years, I decided to digitize them for others to use; because, as you know, good old GE doesn't have them in its repertoire.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Interstate Exits: Oregon KML File

The fourth installment in what seems like is turning out to be almost a life's work. I'm trying to make up for Google Earth's (in fact the entire internet's) lack of publicly accessible geo-coordinates for the exit locations along the interstate system.

It's a maddening exercise trying to follow along one of the trail books which gives directions in terms of freeway exit numbers - cause Google Earth has no such labels. Then try and "Google" it - you do get one or two worthwhile hits but they all want you to join their society or download sophisticated software (for a fee) or merely display the numbers on a proprietary, protected PDF file.