Saturday, July 27, 2013

Interstate Exits: California KML File

It's finally here! I've been putting off doing the Google Earth (GE) KML for California interstate exits because of its size; but, I guess there's no stalling any longer. Somebody's gotta do it and I guess I'm the one.

This is the tenth such file I've created for the interstates in the west so you would think it would'a been easy, but it wasn't. Well, not so's ya'd know it much.

I've been sorta expecting someone to make these files for several years and putting up with the fact that GE doesn't have any labels for them; but, enough is enough.

I've mentioned before that by opening this file in the background of GE while I'm reading trail books, I can instantly see which exit they're sending us to in their directions.

California Interstates

I-5 is the longest interstate in California. It actually begins at the Canadian border but like a pinball drops into California from Oregon, flashes the lights at Sacramento, rings all the bells around Los Angeles then lands at the Tijuana flipper gate [Yea, sometimes I even amaze myself].

I-80 traverses across the state from Nevada near Reno, through Sacramento and into San Francisco where it is swallowed up before it actually smells the ocean air.

I-8 doesn't get to see the ocean either but it does smell it from where it begins at Sea World Parkway before running along the border to Arizona. I-10, now there's the lucky one, it begins at Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica and runs east to Palm Springs and Blythe into Arizona.

I-15 continues from Nevada to end on I-5 in San Diego. I-40, from Arizona, ends on I-15 too at Barstow.

Then there's all infrastructure needed to support the megalopolis that is Los Angeles: I-105, I-110, I-205, I-215, I-405, I-605, I-805, whew!

But, those around "San Fran" aren't just pocket change. I-205, I-238, I-280, I-380, I-505, I-580, I-680, I-780, I-880 and I-980. If I forgot anyone, raise your hand.

Free Google Earth File

The free Google Earth file for California interstate exits is available at: Google Earth Trail FileOffroading Home on the specialty map resource page. Click to arrive at the page and select the California map. It is a .kml file that is utilized by Google Earth. You can either save the map on your computer or click "open" to have it open directly inside Google Earth.

Learn A Little More

I figured that you couldn't do much better than include one of California's all time favorite son as an attached video. Here is an example of the diversity he had as an entertainer. Everyone wanted him to be on their show from Johnny Carson to Cher and Dean Martin's Man of the Hour.

George Burns and Cher

George Burns' Rebuttal on His Man of the Hour "Roast"


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