Saturday, July 13, 2013

Interstate Exits: Colorado KML File

This is the seventh of our maps of the U.S. interstate exits and puts us well on our way to completing all the western states, which is our goal. Here is the Google Earth KML map for Colorado.

Eventually, we'll be able to load these files in the background and make up for the fact that Google Earth doesn't handle interstate exit labels very well - in fact not at all.

That's unfortunate for us off-roaders because authors of trail books seem to like giving directions using interstate exit numbers.

Colorado Interstates

The three transit interstates in Colorado radiate like spokes out of Denver, pretty much the only "metropolis" in Colorado.

I-80, like all even numbered interstates do, bisects the state east-west between Kansas and Utah. I-25 does the same thing only north-south between Wyoming and New Mexico.

I-76 adds connection with Nebraska in a diagonal direction in the northeast corner of the state.

Free Google Earth File

The free Google Earth file for Colorado interstate exits is available at: Google Earth Trail FileOffroading Home on the specialty map resource page. Click to arrive at the page and select the Colorado map. It is a .kml file that is utilized by Google Earth. You can either save the map on your computer or click "open" to have it open directly inside Google Earth.

Learn A Little More

This is a two part video post and you really should view them both. The first is an ultra-short segment showing Victor Borge's skill as a pianist in "the Piano Tuner."

The second is the comedian's most renowned routine of all time: "Phonetic Punctuation." It was so often requested that any time he appeared as a guest artist on a television show they usually had him do a skit that involved the same principle.

Victor Borge - The Piano Tuner

Victor Borge - Phonetic Punctuation


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