Wednesday, January 18, 2012

S.O.P.A: A really BAAAD Idea

Today, Jan 18th 2011, you will most likely notice many, many web sites which have 'gone dark' to show solidarity AGAINST the ill concieved proposed legislation that is called S.O.P.A. being considered in the US legislature! By 'dark' I mean that they are doing something to highlight to people just how much COULD be at jeapordy if junk legislation like this foisted on the American People.

More than a few sites have altered their color schemes from usual into a very dark white lettering on black background. The leading creator of web-publishing platforms - WordPress, debated on whether to completely shut down their site for everyone (except for a black front screen relating what was at risk); but, then decided it was unfair to drag everyone into the inconvenience. So, today, when you visited their company's site you did get the black front screen but when you scrolled to the bottom there was a link that you could pass through.