Thursday, December 20, 2012

East Pass - "Officially" Closed

It's one thing to have the BLM put up a sign and close a trail; but, quite another still to have God do it. One of Hugh's - and I suppose mine as well - favorite rides from the Mesquite Nevada area is to run up Beaver Dam Wash, through the Tule Desert past Sam's Camp and over what people call East Pass back into Nevada.

Well he and Gordon just attempted their annual ride and he's just sent in a report that "As of Dec. 17, 2012 East Pass is now officially closed. See attached pictures for documentation."

I've posted a previous article and map of the East Pass route. Thanks for the photos Hugh.


Anonymous said...

Great picture! Hugh is right nothing is going to stop you guys from riding.
-Casey Stout (Polaris Victory of St. George)

Charlie Stevenson said...
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Charlie Stevenson said...

Do you guys have any GPS tracks of this ride would love to do it in the early spring thanks

D J said...

Charlie... Reading this article you will see the words: "I've posted a previous article and map of the East Pass route" which contains a link to "a previous article AND MAP of the East Pass route."

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