Friday, September 10, 2010

GEO-tography: "Out Of Bounds"

Now that you've got the "Bokeh" photography technique under your belt, and to continue in our series of posting the "geographically related" images that we find around the "net," I've found another techique that might pique your interest.

It's called: "Out Of Bounds" and it starts where Bokeh leaves off. Just like Bokeh there is an apparent shallow depth of field; but, the next step is to intersperse yet another image right at the "break point" of the image, usually a photo frame of some sort. Well, you'll just have to see it to believe it (or not.)

It does require a fair bit of image manipulation in some image processing program or other, like Photoshop or GIMP; so, they are not the "raw" photographs which sit well with some photographic "purist" types; but, wow! What an attention getter they are. They cannot be achieved by the skill of the photographer, but require a different skill – just as accomplished.

The technique is reminiscent of some of the old cartoon illustrations we used to see on magazines like the "Saturday Evening Post" and others; so, has some "nostalgic" value.

Many of the photograph's below were winners of Photoshop's "Unusual Photographs" contest and have been displayed as collections on some of my favorite blogs such as Envato's psd-tuts+… and now Offroading Home.

Out-Of-Bounds GEOtography - Example Images.

The Train

Lizard Popping Out

Wildlife Book

Snake Book

Bridge To Somewhere

Hungry Snail

Escape in Time

Out of Boundry

Possible with Photoshop





Out of Bounds – OOB Art

Loves Me

Photoshop Solutions

Reaching Out of Bounds


Out Of Bounds GEOtography - How To Do It Tutorials

Click on these links for tutorials on how to accomplish this image technique yourself.


Using Photoshop To Make an Image Jump Out of Frame

Learn A Little More

Highest Offroading Home Pageloads:

In only six days after it posted (Sep 3rd) Havasu BLM Trail Closures shot up to the post with the 3rd highest pageloads since Google began making Offroading Home's "stats" available to us! And of course it's still climbing.

Since July 2010, only Offroading Home posts Doing GPS 106: Reading A Topo Map (posted Aug 10th, 2010) and Doing GPS 102: Coordinate Systems and Conversions (Posted Jun 22nd, 2010) are higher, being first and second respectively.

Great Basin ATV SUV Trails (posted Jul 22nd, 2010) comes in fourth with GPS Maps 104: Satellites Spheres and Datums (posted Jul 10th, 2010) fifth.

Way ta go Havasu!


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