Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Public Lands Day at Gold Butte

Public Lands Day is being "celebrated" all around Offroading Home Country, but nowhere more urgently than on Gold Butte near Mesquite Nevada where it seems a mere handful of locals are trying to overcome the massive avalanche of outside special interest environmentalists and politicians (clearly good ol' Obama-boot-lickin' Harry Reid can't be considered a true "insider") who have nearly closed off the area to senior and non-hiker interests but aren't even close to being satisfied.

Click on over to the SaveGoldButte.com website for more specific details; but, activities designed for families begins shortly after 8 am this Saturday (Sept. 25) at Whitney Pockets. Registration begins at 7 am. Several campground improvement projects for various levels of abilities are planned as well as a special "Historical Sites Documenting Project."

For those of you who wish that you had written a comment to the BLM back when it would have mattered, this would be a great show of support for just how much this riding area really means to you – and for those who still show the bruises from the battle with the "fiends" and their political cronies.

As the summer heat winds down, this truly is something to plan for the wife, kids and the neighbor you you have been meaning to get to know. Most likely this winter could be one of the final times seniors and non-hikers will be able to see the butte in anything but photo-albums.

Elsewhere Offroad

Offroading clubs all across American are also sponsoring events, so there most likely is one right in your favorite riding area. Just Google: "*Your-State-Name* public lands day activities" you will probably be amazed at how many people will be out. Those of you with more of an ecumenical spirit could even join in an activity sponsored by the "tree huggers" who will be out in force and probably bad mouthing anything on wheels. Give 'em a hug for me!

Those of you in Utah look at the many sites sponsored by the Utah 4WD Association and/or the National Public Lands Day Site.


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