Friday, September 17, 2010

Havasu Trail Closures

After several "back-and-forths" with the IT department of the Lake Havasu Field Office of the BLM about the maps available for the Travel Management Plan (TMP) - we have now received the map coordinates for all the connecting trails and have finished updating the master map.

It is now available at: Havasu TMP Trail Closure Map and supports the issues raised in the blog posting at: New Havasu Trail Closures.

What you will find in the updated map now are folders for:

"Trails" – These are all the trails in "jeapordy" for a decision in this round of the TMP. As you know, there are four different "scenarios" which are being considered for every trail, basically: "as it is now (A)," "Open it up (B)," "Close it down (D)" and "What we propose (C)." This map is based upon the "What the BLM Proposes" scenario, so each trail is marked with the appropriate color. Additionally, every trail has a route designator and description which is found by clicking on the trail name and reading the pop-up description box. When you comment to the BLM about your opinion you should reference the specific trail by name.

"Non-TMP Connectors" – This is the additional information which the BLM has just supplied us, over and above what they normally have given. It is the mapping tracks for all the connector roads which travel though public or private property (so are not officially in the TMP considerations) BUT which provide access to the trails in question. A great addition to the map which allows one to mentally locate where you are on the map!

"Area" - Additionally, there are three "areas" which are listed in the original BLM map. These are labeled and shown on the master map, although what they mean is still a bit unclear.

Hope everyone finds this useful.

Learn A Little More

Here is what is needed:
  • Review the map, write a short email.
  • Visit the BLM office with your E-mail in hand. Ask to speak with Myron McCoy in charge of the travel plan (see below) or Ramone McCoy the field manager. They are open 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Or, make a phone call. In this case the contact person is again Myron McCoy at (928) 505-1216. You can also leave a message toll free at 1-888-213-2582 (not sure where this goes to).
  • Or, write a letter – actual paper is best. Paper has to be dealt with and isn't easily "deleted" – oops! The snail mail contact info is:
    Lake Havasu Field Office attn: Havasu Travel Management Plan
    2610 Sweetwater Avenue
    Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406-9071
  • Or, you can also use the Havasu E-mail or Myron McCoy's E-mail but The Submission Form is better. While you are at it be sure to tell them you want to be on their mailing list for future comments, meetings and notifications. Direct links to the Havasu BLM comment forms are: (in Word format); (in Acrobat format). You can even cut and paste your already prepared E-mail into the appropriate blanks!
  • And, while you are at it, how about posting a copy of your email over at the new forum ( others can get ideas for their own letters.
Writing an email is not all that difficult and will probably take less than 15 or so minutes of your time to prevent untold grief in the future. Remember, if you think that you're too young and able to need to worry about hiking into this area – "you won't be!"


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