Thursday, July 22, 2010

Map Update: Great Basin ATV-SUV Trails, South

I'm basking in the light of some help with trail verification here on the Offroading Home blog.

Michael Davidson, who usually rides in southern Nevada near Las Vegas has been following several of the Great Basin ATV-SUV trails and sending in his GPS tracks to verify the trails that I had to hand-draw from the Mitchell book.   [For a free Google Earth file of this route see: Great Basin ATV-SUV Trails, Southern]

The tracks are almost spot-on, with the exception of a couple of areas where he took an alternate route around a rock or some such.
It's great to know: one, that someone is actually making use of these trail maps; and, two that the accuracy is pretty close when you transmute Google Earth trails into your GPS and back.

In the process of verifying the both the Bitter Spring and Bitter Spring Byway trails (both in the "near Las Vegas" section), Michael and friends expanded the route with two additional side-trips: Callville Wash and an Alternate Entrance/Exit. Take a look at the map and see.

The Callville wash runs up into an area of magnificently scenic, flame-colored red rock rivaling the Valley Of Fire – of which it is a neighbor.

Little by little, one travels far.”
J. R. R. Tolkien
Both of these trails can be done in a day, and are obviously in the same general area. In addition there are several other trails and scenic venues right off of North Shore Drive (of Lake Mead).

Michael also submitted three additional trails near Boulder City Nevada: Boy Scout Canyon and Canyon Point Mesa both 58 and 58A routes.. All of which lead to superlative views of the Colorado River and it's canyons.

Of Boy Scout Canyon, Michael says that the "trail ends where the wilderness area begins and a steel chain has been placed across a choke point in the canyon."

However, for those who can, a hike down the canyon to the east about a mile and a half will "reveal a pour-over more than 100 feet high and spectacular views of the Colorado and canyon."

The other two trails also lead to overlooks of the Colorado River and the canyon. Breathtaking views and a bit cooler than the desert heat.

All of these trails are in the same area and can be combined for a great day of riding and watching. I notice that there seems to be a dearth of Panoramio pictures for that area, so any of you with cameras – you could fill in the gaps if you would.


davidsonlaw said...

Happy to help. I had more fun getting the tracks than you had putting them in the map, I'm sure. :)

grgrjh said...

It's fun to read your blog. It is so well written.

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