Friday, July 16, 2010

GEO-tography: Offroad Backlit

It's becoming a bit of a regular feature but photos gleaned from those published on the internet of places we've been, or want to be, draw no small amount of email.

Perhaps we just like to get ideas to help our own photography.

At any rate, this set of photos follow the "back-lit" theme and remind us that the sun doesn't always have to be over our shoulders and shining in our subjects squinty-eyed faces.

Once in awhile we can let it "back-light" our subject, even though we may need to use something white to reflect a little onto it's front.

Valiant Effort by sjt

Backlit Cactus

backlit baby cones

Fluture de Noapte || Nocturnal Butterfly






Elaine said...

Beautiful pictures? Did you take them?


Dr J said...

Nope... gleaned from those published on the internet - I've altered the post to be more clear.

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