Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer ATV-UTV Gatherings

For the most part, Offroaders are a bit of a solitary lot. I mean that we tend to seek out experiences with much smaller groups. However, at least once a year being part of the riding "community" is good for the soul.

It's a great time to experience an unfamiliar riding area with others who are more familiar with the trails. AND, these gatherings often have exhibitors with "free" samples! Not to mention new gadgets and equipment.

There are many of these events this summer – read on to see a substantial list.

I reported on one such Jamboree last year: the Tri-State ATV Jamboree in Hurricane Utah. Unfortunately, I just noticed that we missed both it and a new ride this year in Greenriver – the Outlaw Trails Jamboree.

Here are all those events that Offroading Home knows about:
I should also say that most of the above rides are covered in existing Offroading Home Maps, especially the Arapeen, Paiute and Moab trails systems. We would be anxious to receive GPS tracks from anyone attending these events in order to verify the current conditions of the trails.

These are all the gatherings that Offroading Home presently knows about. We would be happy to publicize any other "official" gathering this summer. If you know of any in your area – please leave its particulars (including name, date, place and web-link) in the comments.

Additionally, we would like to share any readers comments about the differences between the rides and what your experience has been.


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