Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CRITICAL - The Fiends of Gold Butte Are At It Again

Better late than never, the Mesquite City Council has placed their previous misguided "resolution #649" on their upcoming agenda for additional public discussion and comment. They are calling it a "Work Session," and what that means to them I don't have a clue. [I've just realized that it probably means they want to talk about it BEFORE everybody gets home from work and can attend the 3pm meeting!]

You remember, that was the idiocy which gave support for the legislative designation of Gold Butte (and much of Bunkerville Flats) as a WILDERNESS AREA!

Nancy Hall, the paid lobbyist (and lead "fiend"), has emailed all her croney's asking for them to attend this afternoon's meeting in masse, and to call the mayor's answering line [702-346-5295] to leave a message.  Nancy claims that us "opponents" are putting pressure on the Council to rescind the stupid thing.  YOU BET WE ARE NANCY!

Doesn't the US Government "OWN" too much of Nevada land already!  Utah has realized, almost too late, that their previous placidity with the government has been only to their detriment.  THE ACEC DESIGNATION IS COMPLETELY ADEQUATE FOR THE AREA.  There is absolutely NO need to prohibit multi-use in the area - AND, contrary to what Nancy and her buds say, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO URGENCY IN THE MATTER!

The meeting seemed to "spring up" on us - apparently Nancy knew about it soon enough to get the word out to "her people."  I just called the number she gave and you should too. It's painless, quick and easy. You need to listen to the telephone tree and press the buttons first for the "mayor and council" and then to "leave a message."

Additionally, you need to also send an email message to the council members. I KNOW... many of you think that you've already said your piece; BUT, that was then and now is now. They expect you to KEEP JUMPING THROUGH THE HOOPS again and again.  Councilwoman Fairchild has informed me that many emails are coming in from the "fiends" - undoubtedly nearly all from elsewhere besides Mesquite.

It will be very enlightening to keep track of exactly which of the six members want us to VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE this next round.  The mentioned resolution was passed unanimously by them; but, you all saw as well as I did how, at the last public meeting, not one of them stood up to be counted for their handiwork.  It was as though the resolution had passed itself!

I've researched all the emails and will list them below for your convenience. Just click on each one and send a quick email stating "I am requesting that you RESCIND the Mesquite City's resolution (#649) which supports creation of wilderness areas" — that's all there is too it.

I'm going to do it myself (I've already called the mayor's message line) as soon as I finish typing!

"Ence, Randy" rence@mesquitenv.gov ; "Donna Fairchild" dfairchild@mesquitenv.gov ; "Gustavenson, Karl" kgustaveson@mesquitenv.gov ; "Mayor Susan Holecheck" sholecheck@mesquitenv.gov ; "Bennett, David" dbennett@mesquitenv.gov ; "Withelder, Geno" gwithelder@mesquitenv.gov .


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