Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Trail: Bobcat Trail - Western Nevada

If you have spent any time looking at the "Nevada Trails" master map, you have seen that it still has a lot of empty space which is not yet filled with trail rides.

Thankfully, it's not only up to me to fill them in with trail maps. There are a few other "desert rats" just as compulsive – well almost as compulsive. Bob Frenchu, one of the master-minds behind the "Forgotten Nevada" web site, has kindly sent in… their GPS track and information of their latest sojourn into the area: The Bobcat Loop   [For a free Google Earth file of this route see: Nevada Trails: Western, Bobcat Loop]

The outdoors is in my blood... also all over my shoes, in my hair, and ground into my pants.”
Bob Frenchu

The map to their trail now blissfully resides inside the "Western Area" folder of the Nevada Trails master map, and Bob has said that he would send others as soon as he and his partner Luis (Ramirez) can figure out where they want to go.

When riding my ATV up a desert canyon, I am struck by the beauty of the wilderness, and sometimes also by falling rocks.”
Luis Ramirez

If you haven't taken a look at "Forgotten Nevada" you should – but just for a minute and then come right back here! The duo claims to be "exploring Nevada so you don't have to."

The rushing, arid winds of the desert make me feel alive, and the sting of sand in my eyes makes me wish I remembered my goggles.”
Bob Frenchu

They have a master list of all the places they've been to "on our behalf," which lists hundreds of forgotten towns and destinations all over Nevada. Each listing gives "what it was" and "what it is" as well as GEO coordinates, photos, when they were there to visit, directions and distance from Fallon Nevada – their headquarters.

Some extra granola or jerky will be much more rewarding than trying to sneak up on a jackrabbit.”
Bob Frenchu

They also have an accompanying Blog site: Forgotten-Nevada, which seems a bit sparse to my way of thinking (I wasn't ready to quit reading when I ran out of things to read); but, they are currently running a contest and giving away "an abused Garmin Etrex Vista that works some times!"

Give it a "look-see" when you get around to it.


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