Saturday, January 30, 2010

Motocross - Rodeo - Golf: A Great Day For Scenic Arizona

Except for watching the accomplishments and joy of a couple of people I cared about, I never have cared much about motorcycle sports — too noisy. But this weekend was a great one for Scenic Arizona.

Charlie told me that they must have "relaxed" their tight monitoring of non-street-legal machines a bit this weekend in Scenic because of the "race." When I didn't know what he was talking about he explained that this was the weekend for a "Buzzard" race – whatever that means.

He said that it seemed like it was a couple of times a year when hundreds… of motocross enthusiasts come to race on a track out by the Oasis Golf course on the Arizona side of Mesquite.

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Buzzard's Motocross: Taking the Old Hwy-91 frontage road northeast from Mesquite, the next exit after the Golf Course is where they build an extensive motocross track for the event, and where at least a hundred rigs were parked. I only stayed for a few minutes but enjoyed the enthusiasm of the crowd.

It turns out that I was watching only a small portion of a 15-mile "cross desert" track. All I knew was that the riders disappeared around one corner and others came back around another. But I was taken back with the age of the riders – some were as old as Charlie! Heck, some were even as old as Gordon!

I could see some more trailers in the distance so thought I would drive down to another track. The trailers turned out be another event entirely (more later) but all along the edge of a bluff were people sitting and obviously watching something down over the bluff. It was the "desert part" of the 15 mile track which I had been watching back up by the road.

From that vantage point you could see whip flags winding around a track through bush and desert. It actually looked kinda fun, at least everyone I saw had grins on their faces.

Calf Roping Championship: What I also stumbled upon was a "RODEO" – well at least some kind of roping championship. There is a small arena with stock pens over there and… another hundred or so trailer and rigs with horses of all kinds.

I stayed and watched several cowboys rope some steers, and they were fairly good. It was a bit more laid back than the rodeos I've been to up north, but the cowboys seemed just as serious.

So from the stands you could watch the roping and at the same time see cyclists come over the berm.

Oasis Golf Tournament: And, from the bleachers, if you craned your neck around behind you, you could nearly see over to the Oasis Golf Course clubhouse which had almost another hundred or so cars in the parking lot. The course was full of carts and it looked like they were holding a tournament.

All in all, it was a GOOD day to be in Scenic!

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