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GEO-tography: Halloween 2 - Ghosts

Beware of the Ghost sign
It has almost become a tradition to do a Halloween post here on Offroading Home. We haven't done much riding this summer, and the posts have gotten a tad sparse, but we cannot go against tradition and disappoint Tevia. For, without tradition, what are we?

You remember that last year we highlighted photos relating to "Devil" of some sort: Devil's Cove, Devil Mountain, Devil's Fire – and so forth. This year we simply turn to Flicker and are inundated with photos relating to: "Ghost."

Not simply just Casper, but a whole host of photos documenting how often plants, trees, snakes, towns and ships are named after the specter.

We sorted through a thousand or so photos and selected the most interesting for your seasonal perusal – with preference given to those representing a location, geography, flora or fauna.

Clicking on the photo will take you to the original photo where there often can be found a more complete description.

Ghost in the Tree - in East Sussex, England, GB
Ghost in the Tree

The sun has set on the ghost fleet
Seen as it was in late 2010, the dwindling fleet of ships formerly held "in reserve" in the aptly nicknamed "ghost fleet" of Suisun Bay would today make this view impossible; the battleship USS Iowa on the far right is the only positive story, as she is now a museum ship in the port of Los Angeles. Yet the others have not been saved from the sad fate of being cut-up for scrap or being sunk at sea as a target ship. The brownish barnlike structure housed the 'Sea Shadow' stealth ship until July 2012, but she has now gone to the ship-breakers for scrapping. By 2017 this scene will be totally empty of ships.
The sun has set on the ghost fleet

The lit speleothem on the right is the Pluto's Ghost column formation in Luray Caverns in Westlu, Luray, VA, US
Snapping Pluto's Ghost

Euphorbia lactea 'Cristata' cv White Ghost
Euphorbia lactea 'Cristata' cv White Ghost

Water drops on Ghost Plant (Graptopetalum paraguayense), a succulent native to Mexico
Water drops on Ghost Plant 1

Chimney Rock, Ghost Ranch - in New Mexico, US
Chimney Rock, Ghost Ranch

The clock of the Holy Ghost Church -in Kesklinn, Tallinn, Harju County, EE
The painted clock on the Holy Ghost Church's facade is the oldest public timekeeper in Tallinn.
The clock of the Holy Ghost Church

Bangkok Ghost building
Bangkok Ghost building

Coquelicots fantômes // Ghost poppies
Coquelicots fantômes // Ghost poppies

A sign for ghosts outside Niedzica Castle, Poland... The ghost, known as the "White Lady", is the ghost of Umina, from the Inca's royal family, married to Sebastian Brezevichy, one of the previous owners of the castle.
Beware of the Ghost!

Fantasmini (little ghosts)
Fantasmini (little ghosts)

The Harlequin Ghost pipefish, Solenostomus paradoxus, is one of the most unusual fishes in the world's oceans.
Harlequin Ghost Pipefish

Ghost Pipefish
#081 ghost pipefish (カミソリウオ)

1924 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
1924 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost (03)

Ghost Fungus (Omphalotus nidiformis) at Bunya Mountains, Queensland, Australia.
Omphalotus nidiformis (Ghost Fungus)

This is one of several brick homes still remaining in the ghost town of Grafton, UT.
Grafton Ghost Town, UT 8-2007

Autumn Ghost - in Wiesbaden, Hesse, DE
autumn ghost

The Ghost Train - in Entroncamento, Santarém, PT
The Ghost Train

On the outskirts of town at Randsburg ghost town, CA
On the outskirts of town at Randsburg ghost town, CA - randsburg02x

Ramshackle ruins at Darwin ghost town outside of Death Valley
Ramshackle ruins at Darwin ghost town outside of Death Valley (darwin10xy)

Fairbank ghost town, Arizona - Just a few miles to the west of the famous 'ghost town' of Tombstone is the tiny, forgotten community of Fairbank. While Tombstone has been turned into more of a tourist trap and amusement park, Fairbank truly is a ghost town - a collection of abandoned ruins from the nineteenth century crumbling in the desert sun.
Rebuilt house at the ghost town of Fairbank, AZ - fairbank23

Goldfield Ghost Town in the foreground; Flat Iron & the Superstition Mountains in the background.
Goldfield Ghost Town; 18 Jan 2011  L1020779

The ghost town of Modena is on US 56 just a stones throw from the Nevada border and fifty miles west of Cedar City.
The Ghost Town of Modena

Railway Express building, inside Ghost Town, near Findlay Ohio
Railway Express Ghost Town

Calico Ghost-Town, California 1965
Calico Ghost-Town, California 1965

Ghost Town in Kolmanskop, Karas, NA
Kolmanskop ghost town

Ghost Town of Animas Falls
Ghost Town of Animas Falls

Ghost Mantis (Phyllocrania paradoxa)
Ghost Mantis (Phyllocrania paradoxa)

This is a male Ghost moth
Ghost moth

Ghost Crab
Burrowing sand crab
Ghost Crab

Ghost Fern
Athyrium 'Ghost', a cross between a Japanese Painted Fern and a Lady Fern, shade garden.
Ghost Fern

Ghost Ship
Canon City, CO, USA
Ghost Ship

Ghost mansion in Cortenova, Lombardy, IT
Ghost mansion

Bodie, California, US
Ghost Town

Ghost Mantis - Phyllocrania paradoxa
Ghost Mantis - Phyllocrania paradoxa

Rhyolite Ghost Town
Ghost Town Sunrise

Ghost Town Barber - Manor, TX.
Ghost Town Barber

Ghost Town Hotel - Manor, Texas, US
Ghost Town Hotel

Ghost Town Kayaköy - OLU DENIZ, Muğla, TR
Ghost Town Kayaköy

Ghost Ranch Backyard, New Mexico
Ghost Ranch Backyard, New Mexico

Ghost Gum trees have a fine white powder on their bark
Ghost gums

Commonly known as Corpse Plant, Ghost Plant, and Indian Pipe
ghost plant

Ghost Moth Female
Ghost Moth Female #2

Ghosts statues in Rhyolite ghost town, Nevada
Ghost guardians

Sunset - Pulpit Rock Ghost - Portland England
Sunset - Pulpit Rock Ghost

Casper - He's friendly

Ghost Whisperer

Now that you've seen what I collected - add a link to your favorite ghost photo in the comments below. What should we do for next year?


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