Sunday, September 30, 2012

GEO-tography: Manipulations

I ran across a professional photographer and retoucher from Sweden named Erik Johansson in my surfing of the web the other day. The guy has an amazing talent for producing incredibly realistic and creative photo manipulations.

Of course he uses Photoshop, or some such photo editing program, but he starts with real photos then massages their little 'pixels' into some quirk of his bizarre imagination that surprises, if not outright stuns, an unsuspecting viewer.

Now, I know that they don't all have a direct relation to the "Geo" which is what these posts are all about; but, once you see them I think you'll agree that it's just too tough to break up the set.




Helping fall

Revolving theory

Fresh frozen fish


Deep impact

Zip city

Deep cuts

Vertical turn

Fishy island

Melting point

Heaven express

Roadworker's coffee break

Go your own road

Homo sapiens

Face vs Fist

Wet dreams on open water

Häng havet på väggen


Arms break, vases don't

Utan gränser

Lazy dogs

Arbeta på havet


Elaine said...

Finally another episode. Very interesting.

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