Wednesday, November 7, 2012

GEO-tography: Moon

It's that time of year again when, thanks to our wonderful congress, we get to see the moon rise when we are driving home from work. In fact, depending upon where you live, the dang thing may have already been out for hours.

That got me to thinkin'. I've never done a GEOtography post about the moon. The thing is, for photographers, it's a difficult shot. And once you get all the camera setting down pat, the kind of photographs you can take are a bit limited.

However, the photos you can take come out quite stunning. One does quickly discover however that its just as much about what else is in the photo as it is the moon. In fact that's what gives variety of these things and sets your shot apart from those everyone else has already taken.

Just look at these few that I've found over on Flickr. I've tried to select (from the thousands) those: related to the geography, the kind represented by where we like to ride and examples of each of the several types of shots you can take.

Hope this gives you a few extra ideas of what you can do with those digital cameras you carry with you when you go out for a ride.

Moon Rising: A Day After Supermoon

Full Moon Over The Oak

Moon Over the Snake River Canyon

Full Moon HDR

The full moon in the late spring of June was called the Flower Moon by the English, the Strawberry Moon by the Algonquian, and by other peoples as the Honey Moon, the Rose Moon, the Hot Moon, and the Planting Moon.


Wolf Moon - full moon


Sunflower and the Moon


One Sky, One Moon, Five Planets
This fisheye view of the night sky captures the moon and five planets:

Dark Moon Tree on Night Sky / Magic Fantasy Space

Moon House

Moon rising over Blejski Grad, Slovenia

Moon Rising in the Rocky Mountain Wild Fire

Leavenworth Moon

Moon over Corfe Castle

Moon Shine

Moon Cloud

Moon Bounce

Moon over Boulsworth

Solitude Moon

Moon Lamp

Moon Beam

Moon Rise (Not for purists....)

Moon and Cherry Blossoms

Moon In Delicate Arch

Moons Set on The Colorado Plains

Full Moon
Full moon rising over Beatty Mountain. Beatty, Nevada

Adjusting the Moon

Moon in Hedge

Moon and a Bird.

Full Moon over the Grand Canyon

Moon Rock

Moon Framed


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