Sunday, May 20, 2012

GEO-tography: Reflective

The magnificence of being outdoors is heightened by being "off the road." Offroader's prefer the destinations with a view and for many seniors the only way open to be able to see them is on an ATV or some like vehicle.

Today's collection of "Geo" related photography is about an aspect of the view which is not often noticed and in fact can be looked directly at but not seen. The human brain is funny that way.

I'm talking about: reflections. And, they are everywhere, not just in mirrors as the images below will reveal.

The trick is to first be able to notice them, and then to do them justice in a photograph. Much of it is about contrast and angles. For example, a mountain top may make a good photo by itself; but, just moving down the other end of the lake could double the mountain in a reflection on the water.

Of course large bodies of water reflect; but, so do infinitesimal dew drops, sidewalks and even buildings. Sometimes the image can only be seen in the reflection and sometimes the reflection is so clear that the doubled image lends striking symmetry. Overcast or a bright, sunny day – it's all good!

In this post I've collected over 30 great examples of how the photographer has made the reflection the star of the shot. I'll bet that you can get at least one idea for a photo of your own at your favorite riding spot. My favorite for its uniqueness is the one immediately below by Timothy Toole which looks great even upsidedown. Which one is yours?

by Timothy Toole

reflective photography

by Pensiero

reflective photography

by shotbart

reflective photography

by Omer Gencal

reflective photography

by Adrian Donoghue

reflective photography

by J. Ota

reflective photography

by Semir Catovic

reflective photography

by Amnon Eichelberg

reflective photography

Sunset in Thailand by laurentlesax

Pont d'Arcole, Paris by laurentlesax

Crummock Water by John Parmiter

Starav Sundown by John Parmiter

Mists of Motion by John Parmiter

Highland Light by John Parmiter

Eilean Donan Castle by John Parmiter

Horses by Mike Baird

by atrium09

Boat reflection by Jesper Hauge

Still Reflections by Giampaolo Macorig

Reflections by te.esce

Reflections by Scott Ingram Photography

Reflections From Another Day by Professor Bop

Reflections 7 by antman60

Fall Reflections by Scott Ingram

El Capitan by By Sathish J

Svalbard reflections by Tunde Pecsvari

Drainage Ditch II by Steve Wall

Manasquan Reservoir Sunrise Reflection by Bob Jagendorf

Reflections by Moh Tj

Sunset Crater National Monument by James Jordan

Dripping Springs Lake near Okmulgee, Oklahoma by Thomas & Dianne Jones

Assateague pony checking his reflection by Eric Lynch

by Timothy Toole

reflective photography

Learn A Little More

Speaking of reflections. Here is a video clip that I ran across the other day which just may fit right in. Ronald Regan roasting George Burns – what a thought, not so much about what specifically they did, but how they both did it… so much alike.


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