Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Offroad: Quick Trip to Lime Kiln Pass

The winter of 2011 is a funny snowbird year weather wise. Snow came and then … went. Just after Christmas it had warmed up and the snow had all but gone from the mountains.

We decided to get out of the house and take a quick afternoon ride up to the "fish tank" – the name the locals have given to the huge stock tank at the mouth of Lime Kiln Canyon which everyone has taken on as a project to keep stocked with goldfish. (I've written about that before).

Today we did stop and pay homage to the fish; but then continued on up the trail, just "to see how far we could get before we hit snow." We got all the way!

Only one or two small spots were a bit muddy from the runoff but otherwise no problems, and we were greeted by a clear view almost all the way to Phoenix. As only the crisp, clean, cool air of winter can provide.

We've posted many times about the ride from Mesquite to Lime Kiln so I won't post another trail. If you need one, just type in Lime Kiln into the search bar on this page. You'll find several.

The road from Mesquite has been graded this year so you can drive your touring car clear up to the "fish tank." You can stage at the intersection of White Rock Road and Cabin Canyon Road, or down by the Riverside Road bridge. People I know have begun doing the latter because it seems that some pot-heads have gotten a driver's license and been turned loose on the city. They've begun breaking in to un attended parked cars on that road.

When a friend of ours reported it to the county sheriff all he got was: "yea, we've been having problems up there." If any of you have a "game cam" we'd appreciate it if you would bring it with you and set it up while you ride. We'd love to catch those suckers and turn 'em over to Tuffy to handle.

Learn A Little More

I'm telling you, I'm pretty much disgusted with the presidential campaign especially how the media is milking it for their own agenda. In fact it's been a long time since I've felt "enfranchised" in the system.

One thing that makes me long for former times is looking through my archives for something to put in this spot each post. I've been passing over a couple of these for awhile; but, today is the day to rescurrect a President Regan clip.

Here is a collection of parts of his speeches, the parts where he always told a Russian joke.

Ronald Regan tells Soviet Jokes


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