Friday, April 13, 2012

California Trail Map - Split

The California Offroad Trails Master Map has been split into two parts: Northern California Trails and Southern California Trails.

Prepatory to major updates on the free California Master Trail Map it has become necessary to split the state's riding areas into two maps: North and South; both of which are available at the Offroading Home web site.

All of the previous trails are still contained in the map; but, the change needed to be made due to the increasing size of the file and the resulting increased download times. Additionally, it now makes room for even more trails to be shown.

The Northern California Trails map file now contains trails in the High Sierra, North Coast and Northern Sierra riding areas; while the Southern California Trails map holds the Central Mountains, Desert and South Coast off road trails.

Actually, this is not a significant change except that you will now need to choose which portion of the state you want to ride before you download.