Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Summer Snowbirding: The Fall

The signs of the times are upon us. Our favorite source of produce, Fujiwara's Farmer's Market (on 124th S in Riverton, near I-15) is beginning to fill up with straw bales — an absolute indicator that Halloween is screaming down the path directly at us.

Unfortunately, that also means that our favorite thing to eat – succulent ears of sweet corn – is also coming to an end. The Fujiwara brothers apologize profusely, but what can they do? They've made an almost superhuman effort to keep their coolers stocked with corn in this "down" year for corn due to the prolonged early rains – but, alas, it is not meant to be.

Another sure sign of impending "white stuff" are the soccer tournaments now under way. We used to be able to watch them from the back deck, in the shade, on a recliner, with a cool drink in our hands; until, the economy improved and all the construction commenced again, plugging up our view. The view that's left isn't bad for soccer until the neighbors get back from playing with their motorhome whose 'house' is right above the tree in the photo. Alas... and even alack!

Buy land, they're not making it anymore.”
Samuel Clemmens, Mark Twain

We used to be able to tell from other sources – like shopping centers – when to start growing our winter fur. Not a chance now. Weve been fighting our way past the animated witches, around the table settings of cornucopias and through the forest of pre-decorated Christmas trees at Lowes, ever since most of us were just dusting off our flags for memorial day!

And, a 'sweet and sour' feeling rolled into one is an annual pre-winter event: the Wild Horse (and Burro) Auction up Butterfield Canyon at the sanctuary. Two pens this year of spring foals - not quite willing to get too close to visitors, but almost. Watching them this year was a real lesson in horse breed and colors. Oh, but for the lack of a plot of land... alas, alack and a 'whoa' is me!


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