Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Area - New Trail

That's right — an entirely new tab on the website navigation bar! "ALL-ELSE" contains a master Google Earth file for all those submissions which don't fit in the other major offroading areas. [For a free Google Earth file of this route see: OffroadingHome/All-Else]

The first offroad track to populate the new master map was submitted by Bernie Cook who recently rode the Cambell Lake Loop ATV/UTV trail in Wyoming.

Bernie and his wife have been riding they say, for the past year in their Yamaha Grizzly 700's; but, until recently, while looking for new trails to ride, they weren't aware of the Offroading Home website and blog.

Their last ride to Cambell Lake was still in their unit; so, following the instructions on the blog, they emailed a .kmz file of their adventure.

The simple procedure was to send them back a blank "ride description" file to complete, and upon it's return and conversion into our format — voila… it is what you see on the master file.

Getting to the summit is optional, getting down is mandatory.”
Ed Viesturs - after "dying" on Everest

Bernie used the new "trail rating" page in the "resources" section of the web site and rated the trail a 5 in difficulty, or a "7" if it was very wet. The spur out to Cambell Lake is probably a 6. This trail, however, is one of those which becomes more difficult if you take it in "reverse" (counter-clockwise) due to going downhill with the rocky descents instead of up. It is usual for deep snow to cover the trail right up to and past opening day.

Additionally, on this trails description box you will see links to the online forest service map which Bernie used AND plenty of photos he has placed on Picasaweb: Cambell Lake Photos

Learn A Little More

The "Trails" series of books from Adler publishing are used by a significant number of visitors to Offroading Home (both website and blog). The book Nevada Trails Western Region is one example of an excellent resource to plan an offroad trip in Nevada. There are several books for each state they cover (California, Utah, Colorado, Nevada and Arizona). Each route is accompanied by turn-by-turn navigational aids going in both directions and photos of sites along the way. If you are going to purchase any one of them, could I ask that you please consider doing so by using the links on this page. There will be no extra cost to you, but a portion will go to keeping this site going and the trails coming.


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