Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not Gonna' Happen This Year

The one thing that I look most forward to all year has blown up in my face… the annual ride up to Kennecott overlook with my bud Jeff and his kids.

That's what you get, I guess, when you put it off till the fall like we did. The weather turns cold and the kids don't seem to want to go out in it. We've done the ride ever since Herriman became summer snowbird headquarters.

They sent me a photo of their trip to the "wave" in So. Utah this summer, but that just makes me more sad over missing the tradition - I guess we can't call it a tradition any more. Jeff did say they may be able to come down to Mesquite this winter.

I have found out there ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.”
Samuel Clemens, Mark Twain

It may seem like I've neglected the blog of late but it's just that so many projects have split my attention and I haven't actually finished anything to write about.

We took a trip down to Mesquite to see if we could find a different "headquarters" this year and ended up arranging for the same one (at least that way the hole is already dug for our satellite dish stand).

Charlie the Kokopelli ATV club president has moved his business to the other side of the freeway and says the rides will start up again soon.

And it seems that the amount of email coming in has nearly tripled. Ashok Grover – said he was going to visit Devil's Fire (but before I was there to guide him to the petroglyphs); Karl Stubsjoen – wanted some rides around Phoenix (of which there are already quite a few on the master map.)

Bernie Cook – from Wyoming sent in a GPS trail which prompted the creation of an entirely new master map; Donald Young – has been communicating about the riding area around Boulder City Nevada; Andrey Kulakov – from Las Vegas offered to help; and, Grahame Rhodes – about the Middle Fork of the Swan Trail in Colorado. It turns out he lives in St. Louis and was planning a trip.

That's not counting the nearly weekly communication with Adam Schneider, the creator of "GPS visualizer," while trying to answer questions raised from my video-tutorial; Mike Alsup – the creator of the jQuery "Cycle" Plug-in I use on the web site; Fran├žois Schnell – the creator of "GPicSync" geocoding software and "Mr. Cactus," a succulent botanist who helps identify desert succulents for me.

And, believe it or not, I still receive much mail from my other web sites: "JAG," and "Pediatric House Calls."

Oh yeah, and I'm in the middle of adding a new trail system for the Moab area…

BUT, I'd still trade it all in for a ride up Butterfield Canyon with Jeff and the kids.   That, my dear rabbit, is how you know when a tradition has become "real"… you have given it the power to disappoint you.


Desert Walker said...

You have a botanist to identify desert flora, do you also have a geologist for identifying the rock formations? We cannot identify some rocks found at the two rock cabins site in Nevada. White quartzy looking rock imbeded wtih long black crystals, some as big around as my wrist, most smaller.
Saw a sample at the Moab Fossil shop, but no identifier on it, and the owner was too busy to disturb.

Dr J said...

@Desert While I don't know if any of my friends are "board certified" geologists - I am acquainted with people who can answer most any "geo" question that I've had. However, I usually have to give them more of a description than you gave. How about a photo? Do you have one you could send? And "near" exact location - can you pinpoint where you were? [ie which cabins - you mention both nevada and moab in your comment] - Use the "contact" link on my web to forward further info and I'll see what I can do.

Dr J said...

Anyone reading this now - the new web URL is:

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