Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Trails: California, Northern Sierra

Continuing the mad rush to return three offroading map books, I have now finished extensive updates to the California: Northern Sierra Region with many new hand-drawn trails from published waypoints and completely updated route descriptions.   [For a free Google Earth file of this route see: Offroading Home: California Trails]

Similar to those finished last week, Colorado: North Central, and the week before that, Colorado: Southwest, these trails are through beautiful forested country with significant historical significance.

For "sidebars" of things to see and turn-by-turn directions in greater detail check out "California Trails Northern Sierra Region" by Peter Massey et. al. from Adler Publishing.

The best of all worlds would be to: first, navigate the route from the Offroading Home map a time or two using Google Earth to find other points of interest you want to see. Then load the track from our file into your GPS unit along with the waypoints, and finally take Peter's book along with you on your ride.

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As always, some of them need "verification" by riders before they become "official." You will be able to tell the source of a Offroading Home map by looking at the pop-up description. You will see the starting and ending points, travel time and distance, warnings about closures, things to see and source for additional maps.

Maps of actual recorded GPS tracks are labeled as such. Those which are hand-drawn using Google Earth and published actual waypoints are also labeled. The latter also have the annotation "need verification" meaning that even though geographical waypoints were used and the tracks follow the visible trail on satellite imaging we need someone who has actually ridden the trail to attest that it is open and passable.

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