Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This is the Time Warp Pivot Point

Star Trek has nothing on all the gadgetry and computing going on at Mesquite snowbird headquarters. Now that I've tamed my Lowrance XOG GPS, and Mssr. Schnell has kindly programed GPicSync to accept waypoint data - I'm off and running at geocoding photos. I can even tag them along a GPS track and display the whole thing in a GoogleEarth .kml file -- huh?

A friend talked me into posting the GPS track logs I've been keeping onto a blog - and I've finally relented. This is the PIVOT POINT of the timeline. Here is today! The track diaries are posted before this and the track logs will be posted after this point. It'll make you dizzy if you think too hard about it; what it means is that if you keep going back and forth you will eventually have the whole story.

So, for awhile at least, you need to read the blog in both directions.

In addition, now that my friend has seen the blog - he wants to be able to "follow" it. Do you know what that means? I didn't until today, and I've now installed the "gadget" that allows you to do it on the blog. You can click on the buttons and sign up as a "follower" of the blog. That will notify you when a new post is made so you can keep up with it - isn't science grand?

The weather has substantially warmed - but the nights are very cold. I've got to go to St. George tomorrow to get gas - it's nearly always 40 to 50 cents a gallon cheaper, even with Utah's exorbitant gas taxes (a relic from the Olympics' "temporary tax"), than it is down here.


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