Thursday, February 5, 2009

Old Standby Complaint - Gas Prices

Under the Obama regime there is certainly no shortage of issues one can become "miffed" to the point of outrage at. When things go great some of us miss having something to complain about; but, there is always one old standby - Gas Prices!

Our two ATVs have used up our three 5-gallon cans of gas so they needed replenishment. We nearly always try to time it so we can buy our gas while up in St. George (30 mi up the gorge in Utah.) Why? Well, lets see if YOU can figure it out.

Smiths Food King in St. George sold their unleaded gas today for $1.67/g while The Conoco (boo) in Mesquite sold it for $2.24! An incredible $0.67/g price gouge! And believe me Smith's aint always your friend either.

StG FJ1.692.17
StG Smt1.672.22
Mes Con2.242.32
Mes Mav2.112.35
Here is a list of prices for Flying J and Smith's in St. George as well as Conoco and Maverick in Mesquite. The incredible price gouge by Conoco is routine for them. To me they don't deserve a business license in the town let alone to be patronized.

So, counting my extra "10 cents per gallon discount" coupon from Smith's, the nine sawbuck's goes right into my pocket! Man, am I ready for a ride!


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