Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rainy Daze

It's comming up on spring fast, here in the desert - and everyone is VERY happy around Snowbird Headquarters that it's raining.

I say AROUND the headquarters, cause those IN the headquarters are a bit grumpy. We do love rain, and we are very happy to see the child-like gleam of near Ecstasy in all our friends eyes who have been praying for lo these many months; but - as I keep telling people: so many trails, so little time!

Our Nature lies in movement; complete calm is death.”
Blaise Pascal

So to try and shake the cobwebs from my brain I've been doing a ton of "updating" over at the web site:

The Nevada section has three files now. "Nevada Trails" - for SUV/ATV trails all over the state; "Mesquite-Bunkerville" - for those trails around Mesquite, and for this years travels (they will be moved later); and, "Gold Butte Petroglyphs" - for those trails down on Gold Butte.

In addition, I've found a new server to store the Google Earth files on which gives a much faster download, AND doesn't require any of the kloodgey junk that my ATT server used to inflict on everyone.

These entries here still will have the individual trails that we go on and my witty narrative descriptions. But, the files at the web site have ALL the trails in one place, and lots more placemarks for locations so you can see a better overview. You picks yer choice.

Click on over and give it a try why don't you? Send me an email if you have any problems. And be sure and leave a comment or two so I can tell what types of trails that you would like to see more of.


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