Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Broken Link Update - Strawberry Offroad Riding Area Map

I took another run at troubleshooting the black hole that Dropbox has put me in, with its draconian changes to its programming and no prior notification or technical assistance, and I accomplished a couple things I'll tell you about:

working links (I think) to a few older maps and a new map covering a new riding area.

Broken Links/Broken Maps

As I've explained, Dropbox made massive changes several months ago without telling folks like me which not only broke my website but also clobbered up nearly all of the maps themselves which relied on assets contained in Dropbox.

As near as I can tell, the changes were basically to cut down on their bandwidth usage although they will tell you it was solely "because of security." I'm certain it is more secure… for them at least.

Basically they rendered every link they had ever given us to any and all of our assets defunct. And they did it in a way that did NOT allow users of Dropbox to make bulk corrections to our sites.

I tell you this so you will understand why I haven't been able to get ALL of the formerly available maps back "on line" yet; because what it means is that I must visit each and every post, each and every link, over 12 years of posting and type in a completely new link at least three times as long containing only randomly generated characters—not a map title in sight.

That, of course, is only after I visit each and every asset I had stored on their site and jump through all the hoops to generate the public link… one map at a time.

BOTTOM LINE: Over the past month I have been able to at least "resurrect" links to all of the major maps in all the states; so, you should be able to navigate through the offroadinghome website and obtain the major resource maps. (I have NOT been able to do the same for any of the hundreds of single trail rides I have posted).

Unfortunately, nor have I been able to go through every one of those maps and correct all their links to resources they need. So, when you obtain the maps they won't be complete. THE TRAILS ARE THERE and correct, but the popups, descriptions, photos, icons and headers may not be pretty or work at all.

I hope you can sense how sorry and upset I am over this loss.

Strawberry Offroad Riding Area

Second, I needed to start taking a stab at just how, should I decided to do it, I can make maps in the future and/or what it will take to re-do every map into what it once was with all the descriptions, photos, icons and what-not.

So, I selected a map I've had of a riding area and began digitizing it into a different format which didn't rely on any outside resources from anybody. That, of course, will make the map-file larger and may require that I either split files, limit what content I include or just not include all the map.

None-the-less, it took most hours of the day over an 8 day vacation but the Offroading Home map for the Strawberry Offroad Riding Area is now ready for your perusal: Strawberry OHV Riding Area.

The Strawberry OHV Trail System is largely Forest Service land all around the Strawberry Reservoir 33 miles southeast of Heber City, Utah.

Most of the roads/trails are 4by4 accessible. Only a few are either ATV and motorcycle only and only a few are motorcycle only having to do with trail width.

Most of the roads/trails are considered either "easy" or "moderately difficult"; however, there are a couple that are "most difficult"—namely "black diamond" type.

There are several campgrounds including Strawberry Bay, Currant Creek, Soldier Creek, Aspen Grove, and Renegade.

You can also connect to the Strawberry Trail System from Hobble Creek Canyon and Spanish Fork Canyon.


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