Monday, January 1, 2018

Dropbox Screwup - Destroyed Every Link On Site - UPDATE

Just a short update note. I can see that there still are tons of you deriving benefit from all the posts about these trails even though Dropbox has totally screwed up the maps.

I'm still as annoyed as you are about the issue. I took 9 hours yesterday and thought that I'd just look at what needed to be done and selected the first map that came up - one in Nevada. Absolutely everything I did to correct their issues, broke something else that needed fixing. The sun was going down before I had just one page (Nevada) on the download site that didn't screw up and wasn't broken!

For now, that's all that I can get out of Dropbox. I have built all new "links" from dropbox and updated all the URLs to the maps to those new links. I have no control what Dropbox does from there. Sometimes you get some fool page about "files not being able to be previewed." An idiot thing to say seeing's you just pressed a link to DOWNLOAD the silly thing!

I (being the author) even get a different page and messages than you get and I have to take the huge effort to log out of their system every time I make an upload so I can test if the new link will even work for non-authors. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't.

So, that's what I've got so far. The Nevada files should work for download; but, I can't attest to it. Sorry, I just don't have the heart (or time) to go through all that crap for every section of maps. I've just got to find another solution that doesn't involve dropbox!


Monte Nickles said...

Perhaps using Google's Drive? Or Microsofts OneDrive?

Velocipede Musings said...

Man I found your blog and was excited to download a few maps for my February trip to DV.

Jean Lachance said...

I am in the same boat as Velocipede. I am currently planning a long trip to Nevada and southern California for this fall. I was in shock to find your amazing web site with all these trails. I am hoping you can find a solution for Dropbox problems. Maybe just put the fines on Google Drive as Monte Nickles said. Keep up your excellent work!

Unknown said...

Hello! I tried to shoot you an email @ "" and got an error 505 "No such User here" from the main contact button on offroadhome. Thanks for your hard work, and I'll be trying again here later in the week or sometime.

D J said...

"Unknown" and "Lachance" - Thanks for your feedback about the defunct contact link. On the front page, at the bottom, I did change the contact to "null" with the explanation of spam. However, I accidentally neglected to take care of the 20 or so links on other pages at the same time -- sorry.

I have now rectified all those contact links by directing them to the "about" page where a better explanation and solution are available. [Spam is still a concern, as the page explains, but there are now alternatives.]

Thanks again though.

As I mentioned previously many of the Nevada maps are now corrected and available - mostly - even though they're not up to what they once were. It took me literally all weekend to update just those few into usability; so, doing all thousand or so maps is discouraging -- although I do keep looking for a more automated way. One day I hope to convert this whole thing over to Wordpress on a demand server and perhaps then I can find someone fluent in javascript who can help "build" the maps on demand in the way I need them to be.

Dad said...

I was able to download the northern California file before the problem started with dropbox. There's no way I could follow every trail but I have been able to follow a few and plan to follow a more thanks to know where trails are located. A big thank you for providing these tracks and information. I hope you can resolve the problems with dropbox or find another outlet, as I would like to download more states in hope that I can visit a few now that I'm retired.

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