Monday, May 22, 2017

Dropbox Screwup - Destroyed Every Link On Site

Sorry Guys....

I have been advised by several readers that none of the links to map assets work any more on the entire site. I eventually found out that it is due to Dropbox. The company decided that it would change the way they do business without prior notification and alter every single URL link to every map I've created.

They claim it had to do with "security" but they've also decided that us little guys are just not worth their effort to create any workarounds or even talk to us about doing it ourselves. What that means is that I must now go back over ten years worth of blog posts and edit every single page and every single link on those pages.

I just don't know if I have either the time or heart to go backwards and do it all over again.... or, if I did, that I would choose to continue with Dropbox who has now shown its true colors and attitude.

You will notice that there are a few files that do link to the correct file - which were those that I was experimenting with while trying to troubleshoot the problem. For now, I'm just trying to work through this in the midst of everything else that I've got to do. If I can figure it out and work through it I'll be back up. Until then... sorry.


Unknown said...

either fix or remove site! waste of resources and people's time coming to a useless site!

D J said...

Interesting comment Mr. John Claiborne II (hiding behind the "unknown" heading above) - fortunately, the nearly thousand or so visitors a day to the blog don't act like such a pretentious ass as you and still find a great amount of use in the thousands of hours worth of work. Many have communicated like they had even a sliver of common decency and I've made special effort to accommodate them. If I had the wherewithal to readily fix it, it would have been done long ago (and then I'd go merrily on my way without even knowing the world had such self-centered trolls such as you in it). Have a nice day.

trialnerror said...

Love it, thanks for all you do!

Unknown said...

I also appreciate all the hard work you have put into this, and I am saddened about what happened.
I can't see how to 'Comment as me' in the dropdown box. I am Brent Christensen from Salem, Utah.
I frequent the St George area, and have been wanting to explore your area. Without your guidance, I'm not sure it's worth going blind.
Your hard work would have given me specific destinations, without just roaming around!

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