Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Map: Antarctic 1500 Meter Mountain Peaks

We've been updating you with occasional posts about the upcoming "Scott Expedition" being undertaken this winter (Southern Hemisphere) by explorers Ben Saunders and Tarka L’Herpiniere across Antarctica.

It looks like it's imminent. The two explorers are now in Punta Arenas putting together their stoves and other equipment shipped earlier to the tip of South America by freighter. They will now hop over to the Ross Ice Shelf near the hut Captain Robert Falcon Scott used in his 1911/12 Terra Nova expedition.

That's where Ben and Tarka will officially begin their expedition six days from now, (Oct 21st); although, it will be some weeks before they actually leave all the "confusion" of snow mobiles and scientists scurrying around the US Scientific Base on "the shelf."

Offroading Home has been compiling a resource map of the Antarctic Continent to support us "armchair" explorers as we follow along their GPS track near the pole. It is continually updated with their waypoints and links to diary entries and is available here: Google Earth Trail FileScott Expedition: Antarctica.

In addition, we've now compiled a map of all the highest mountain peaks over 1500 feet on the continent. A bit tedious as the coordinate sources spanned several different agencies and languages. However, it's now available at: Google Earth Trail FileAntarctic Mountains.

Eventually this map will make its way into the official "Scott Expedition" master map, but for now this will enable you to begin seeing what kind of terrain Ben and Tarka are up against.


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