Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Salazar Backtracks On His Land Grab - For Now

Offroading Home has just received word Wednesday morning that Secretary Salazar will back off on his "Wild Land" grab … at least for now. The letter we received from USA-ALL is included after the jump.

"This morning Secretary Salazar announced that the BLM will honor the Continuing Resolution's defunding of the Wild Lands policy by not designating any Wild Lands. USA-ALL and our partners have worked aggressively to see this terrible policy done away with.

"Utah's congressional delegation played a big role in pushing back against this offensive policy. Particularly strategic and aggressive efforts were undertaken by Congressman Rob Bishop and Senator Orrin Hatch. We all owe them big thanks!

[Officers of USA-ALL used donation monies to make several trips to Washington D.C. in order to aggressively fight against this Obama/Harry Reid backdoor atrocity that was trying to negate the normal legislative process where their wilderness bills which were failing. Reid, who was nearly ousted by the Tea Party was desparately trying to make good on his committment to the Sierra Club whose "donations" kept his political careet afloat]

"We should caution that we are not completely out of danger. The Wild Lands policy is still in effect. It has not been officially rescinded. We will continue to work towards that end. If we relax now this policy could still rise up and cause significant harm. Now is the time to push harder to achieve our goals of protecting access and seeing this policy reversed.

Good on ya, USA-ALL – and anyone of you who donated the funds to make it happen.


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