Thursday, June 16, 2011

GEO-tography: Spring

You know, if I don't soon post these photos that I've been saving about spring – it won't be spring any more. This year, we've got all the plants in but they haven't gotten out of their shock yet from all the snow and cold weather up here at summertime snowbird headquarters. By the time we take off our coats we will have missed spring entirely.

However, there must have been spring somewhere because look at all the examples of spring photography I have found. Our goal here is NOT so much become expert photographers BUT to get some ideas of how to make our own snapshots a bit more… let's say… "showable."

All of these, of course, are examples of what I call Geo-tograpy. They aren't always Geo-coded but are most always of our offroad Geo-graphy. As always, be a bit patient as they load because they are full photos. And if you've got some examples of spring geo-shots you'd like to share, post about them in the comments.

Giovanni Orlando

Philipp Hilpert

nebojsa mladjenovic

Theophilos Papadopoulos

Jeremy Kunz




John Bennett


Trey Ratcliff


Michael Chen

Joel Bankhead

Reinhold Stansich


Luz A. Villa

David Tomic

Sabrina Mae

Ian Sane

Ken Douglas

Herr Saush


Frozen Coffee

Steve Wall

Sippanont Samchai


Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel

Joel Bankhead

Jim Denham

Paul Walker


Martin Sojka

Philipp Hilpert

Dan Logan

Pat Gaines

Ian Foss

Brian Hathcock

Marcos Vasconcelos


Matt Reedake said...

Absolutely beautiful set of photos! Very inspirational for a new photographer such as myself

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