Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Utah Trails Master Map - North and Southwest

The Utah Trails Master Map has undergone a substantial re-do for the complete northern and southwest regions. It was the first master map that I ever made and a whole lot of enhancements have taken place since then.  [For this free Google Earth map see: www.OffroadingHome.com "Utah Trails"]

You may recall that about a month ago I discovered that this flagmark map had been sorely neglected and gave it a complete new face lift – visually – which gave it a look like the newer maps.

While working on it I found that, because hand constructing trails and extracting data was so cumbersome back then, I had elected to only display selected trails – therefore many of the books trail contents were left out, fully intending to complete the task some day, but forgot.

That has all been rectified for the three northern regions as well as more than half of the southwest region. All 30 northern trailheads have complete data now and there are fifteen NEW trails which have been added complete with all their waypoint markers and trail lines.

In the southwest, there are 19 completely new trails as well as new pop-up balloons and waypoint descriptions. I also completed regionalizing all the folders so that their contents (including the trail) now appear when navigating to the area of the trail.

Trails range from Hardware Ranch, Old Ephraim and Transcontinental Railroad in the far north to Nine-mile, Green River Overlook, Tabbyune Creek and Dragon Ghost Town in the northeast to Pony Express, Sawtooth Mountain, Frisco Ghost Town and Lincoln Mine in the northwest! And everything in between.

In the southwest they go from Dark Valley to Escalante Summit, Muley Twist, Wolverine Loop, Shootering Canyon, Stanton Pass to Town Wash and Bull Mountain Trail – plus lots more.

Of course, there still are all the other trails from other extractions and submissions in the map as well – which makes it the most complete and extensive map for offroad trails in all of Utah! Bar none!


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