Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GEO-tography: Halloween Edition

In spite of the fact that Sam's club has had scary paraphenalia out for over two months, and Home Depot has a whole fleet of snow-throwers chained to their front door ready to go, the most sure sign that Halloween's near is the snow falling on the tomato plants at snowbird headquarters and smashing those suckers flat, freezing them harder'n a rock!

If it weren't for the smoke/carbon monoxide detector-alarm calling out the fire department just to remind us that its shelf-life was only 5 years and needed to be replaced, we'd be hibernating by now – but it does and we aren't. I've always thought that bears had it figured out – just go to bed, pull the covers over your head and sleep 'till it's over!

However, the horses are all sprouting winter coats, you get sugar-intoxication diabetes just walking in the door of most supermarkets, the garden has freezer burn and we've run out of neighbors to strong-arm into taking a basket of squash; so, I guess we pretty much have to resign ourselves that:
Today's GEOtography collection is the Halloween Edition - full of the photos I've collected all year with "Devil" in their name.   You will be suprised at how often early settlers used the moniker of ol' scratch when deciding on what to call a place. I'm sure that you'll recognize a couple.

So grab some hot chocolate and an onion sandwich, get comfy and scroll downwards.

[Remember, like always, these are full photographs so be patient while they load.]

"Devil" GEOtography

Devil's Throat Sinkhole on Gold Butte

Devil's Fire on Gold Butte

Devil's Hand Coral

Devil's Tears

Devil's Footprint

Devil's Trumpet

Devil's Slide in Utah

Devil's Chair inside Devil's Punch Bowl

Devil's Throat on Gold Butte

Devil's Cove on Gold Butte

Devil's Postpile

Devil's Claw

Devil's River Texas

Devil's Walking Stick

Devil's Garden in Arches NM

Devil's Cornfield in Death Valley

Devil's Island

Devil's Garden

Devil's Point

Devil's Backbone

Devil's Tongue

Devil's Marbles in Australia

Devil's Garden in Bryce Canyon NP

A Devil's Sky at Mount Diablo, California

Devil's Peak in South Africa

Devil's Playground

Devil's Bridge in Sedonia

Devil's Cauldron

Devil's Crags

Devil's Golf Course in Death Valley

Devil's Lake

Lower Falls of Devil's River

Devil's Tower in Wyoming

Devil's Table

Devil's Throat in Brazil

Devil's Claw

Devil's Staircase

Devil's Swimming Pool

Devil's Thumb

Devil's Postpile

Dust Devil

Devil's Food Cake


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