Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer ATV UTV Jamborees

The "Tri-State," "Outlaw," "Paiute Trail" and "Manti Mountain" ATV Jamborees are done for the year – the Paiute and Manti concluded this very weekend. That still leaves FOUR MORE to go however, for those of you die-hards who either can't ever get enough or those who just haven't been able to break free yet.

The Bryce ATV Rally is comming up August 25-28 in Panguitch, Utah. This is a fairly new event compared with the others; but, frankly, is one of the most unique sets of rides anywhere. Read more about and register for the rally at:

The Arapeen ATV Jamboree is September 6-10 in Ferron, Utah. This gathering is in the cool Manti-La Salle mountains containing the Arapeen Trail System and can be read about and registered for at:

The San Juan ATV Safari is September 16-18 in Blanding, Utah. The summer heat will have waned a bit by then and this is a great time of year to ride the slick-rock and see the rock formations in a "guided" setting – especially good for "newbies" to the area who don't know the, oftentimes, obscured trails. Read and register at:

And, finally, the Rocky Mountain ATV-UTV Jamboree, September 20-25 is held in Richfield, Utah. We're back in the mountains again with this one and I'm sorry to say I don't know much about – can't even find a logo for – this one; except, that it is largely in the Paiute and Great Western trail systems and seems like it has something for everyone. Someone from the ride is welcome to enlighten me further. I do know about the area's trails however and they are well done and a beautiful site. Read and register:


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