Monday, August 30, 2010

NEW: All Roads Lead To - 3 Corners

With the addition of the "3-Corners Western Route" trail, it now seems like this is the second sought after destination (right after Devil's Fire) as far as downloads and submissions are concerned.   [For a free Google Earth file of this route see: Nevada Trails Master Map]

From the statistics, almost as many readers search and browse to the various three-corners tracks as do to the Devil's Fire map files.

For some reason it has also become a frequent destination of our own personal rides when we are snowbirding down that way. Perhaps it is due to the several directions one can get to it.

Trailheads can begin along old Route 95 just north of Beaver Dam, or along Lytle Ranch Road. We've also found ourselves at Three-Corners when we've ridden from the top of Mesquite Heights Road.

Additionally, just about any trail which takes you to Powerline Road over Flat Top Mesa or Lone Mesa or Toquop Wash can also get you to Three-Corners. As do trails coming from the north around Beaver Dam Wash.

Just about the only direction we haven't already taken has been from the far southwest –and now this trail begins from the Carp-Elgin exit off of I-15!

From this direction the route can probably be driven in an SUV or other off-road worthy larger vehicle, while coming from the east up "The Snake" is strictly for narrower rigs with a lot shorter turning radii.

OR, perhaps it's because the destination is just the right length to make it a great stop for lunch!

OR, perhaps it's because there are so many different other places and landmarks to see all around it of great interest that it just is sort of "on the way" to those.

For whatever reason, it's been a favored destination almost since the place was first formed. That area, around Mormon Wells, was the defacto stopping off point before one had to decide whether to take the difficult route through river fordings and canyons down through Mesquite to California; or, the equally difficult and dangerous traverse up the bluff and across the desert at the base of the hills. People died both ways.

His lack of education is more than compensated for by his keenly developed moral bankruptcy.”
Woody Allen
Until last year, there has been an early "geo-cache" of sorts at the monument which had become quite a historical document of decades worth of visitors. Some proctum stole it last year, as well as the US flag which had been donated to the site.

For any of these reasons, and probably others, it's no wonder why they moved the monument down from the bluff where the actual three states meet — that's where all the people come!

Three-Corners (West Route)

3-Corners (West Route) from Carp-Elgin exit.
Description: Difficulty: nr/10, ATV, SUV; Scenic: nr/10; 87.5 mi. 1 Day.
Location: Start: I-15 and Carp-Elgin exit; End: Same.
Things to see: Mojave desert, Old Spanish Trail, 3-Corners Monument and access to several other routes.
Source/Maps: 1:24,000 Overton NW, Moapa Peak, Moapa Peak SE, Davidson Peak, Mesquite NW, Mesquite NE, Terry Benches and Tule Spring quadrangles.


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