Friday, June 4, 2010

GEO-tography: The West

While researching for ATV-SUV map posts, I often run across landscape photographs which are so striking that they cause me to stop and look. I often don't have a place for them in an article but save them away to pull out and look at while trying to think of a next place to ride.

Once in awhile, not often enough, the photographer will have either geocoded or described the location of the image and I can look it up in Google Earth. That makes it even more enjoyable.

On the scale of what we normally enjoy to look at in photographs, items roughly rank: people we know and where we live right before where we've been and what we like to do.

In the manner of my previous "lichen" post I thought I'd dust off a few of my favorite "where we live, where we've been and what we like to do" images and see what you think. All are in the western U.S. and if you click on the author link you can see the full entry on the authors web site.

Upper Antelope Canyon by AaronPlotkinPhoto

Antelope Canyon IV by tykee

The Spirit Pool by LethArt

Music in the Stone by bigcbigc

The Subway by coulombic

Magical Light by Babyc8kes

The Antelope’s Eye by stream-reflections

Midway Geyser 2 by jayshree

Grand Canyon – Mather Point by Karl-B

The Wave by Sommersonnenstrahl

Sandstone Waves by La-Vita-a-Bella

Aerial Geology-1 by rynoceras

Light Changes All by Dhar-Leth

Close Up Of Ramparts by CorazondeDios

Hoodoos of the Silent City by EvaMcDermott

Grand Canyon from Above by porbital

Merrick Butte by Karl-B

Wave by sarcasticseth

Geology Gone Mad: White Pocket by Chief Bwana

Red, White Pocket, and Blue Sky by Chief Bwana

Antelope Canyon by tykee

Thor’s Hammer HDR by biological

Grand Canyon 01 by DianaCretu

Horsheshoe Canyon Arizona by photoboy1002001


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