Sunday, August 9, 2009

Map Update: California Trails - Desert Region

Quite some time ago I ran across quite a few California offroad tracks on the web. They were in a format which was completely new to me and I sort of got hung up on trying to understand and convert the trails to something usable in Google Earth. [For a free Google Earth file of this route see: Offroading Home: California Trails]

I succeeded, then found that there were other GPS tracks available for Utah, Colorado and Arizona as well. I was able to convert them to .kml format much more easily and thus was born some of the offroad trail maps which I was able to make available. Of course, much has been added since then.

Recently I found one of the books which some of the tracks came from and have been able to greatly enhance some of the California maps: California Trails Desert Region by Massey, Wilson and Titus.

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The California desert region now has alot more detail, especially for those GPS tracks where petroglyphs (a particular interest of mine) are concerned.

HOWEVER, although I have verified that the waypoints given do actually seem to have a basis in fact, i.e. are visible on the satellite image, I don't consider them "verified" until someone actually rides them with a GPS unit. (hint, hint).

Those of you in California, or who are going there, take a browse on over to and look at the "California Trails" map in Google Earth.

Pick a trail which interests you, ride it and send me your track! That way I can mark it off as "verified by ride" and give you credit for the verification, How about it?

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