Sunday, May 3, 2009

This is Spring ! (?)

While Charley is informing all the Kokopelli ATV club in Mesquite that they will riding to the Virgin River this Saturday - and that they should bring lawn chairs because the weather should be warm - we're still running around in sweaters and dodging rain up here at Herriman Snowbird Headquarters.

I guess it could be worse. We could be in the surrounding mountains where it is snowing.

Charlie emailed that he had been asked to write an article for the Mesquite magazine about a scenic ride and he had chosen the North Valley Loop. A great choice for a spring ride because of all the wildflowers and Yuccas in the lower valley.

I spent several days, and many email communications with authors of mapping programs, trying to provide Charley with a map graphic to accompany the article and was successful in finding GPS Visualizer a great web site with many different capabilities.

Dad seems inordinately compulsive about seeing green lawn here at Headquarters and has fertilized it long ago — before the snow fully melted. The problem with such industriousness is that he's already had to mow it three times so far.

Home is where you can say anything you please, because nobody pays any attention to you anyway.”
Joe Moore

Fortunately, even with all the snow that fell here while we were gone, the sprinkler system made it through without a hitch. And we didn't loose any more trees.

With all the spring buds, we've got the prettiest section of the whole subdivision, and the back yard isn't so shabby either -- at least that's what the Meadowlarks, Robins, and House Finch's think.


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