Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ride 17a - Supplemental, Mesquite City

Last month I reported on a ride we took down the walking trail from Snowbird Headquarters to the Virgin River. [See: Ride 17 - Mesquite City]

Today, dad was down at the river reading his book and saw several ATVers riding the trails which made him jealous.

Unfortunately, I rode off to meet him for today's ride without the GPS or even my camera. It would have been nice to have them because we did go a bit farther and saw a few more things. Also there were a lot more plants which seem to be coming back to life.

Further down the river we came across an old concrete dam which now is largely filled up with silt and has become a waterfall. We also drove up the wash to the field next to the Virgin River Casino. There was a bit more water than we saw last time but still quite passable.

A word to the wise ain't necessary, it's the stupid ones who need the advice.”
Bill Cosby

There were quite a few other users of the offroad trails today. All, except the motorcyclist, were very considerate and congenial. It's been my experience that once a kid gets hidden behind a helmet and pulls down the visor he considers himself some kinda "ninja turtle" — nearly invisible and beyond the necessity of companionability or sometimes even following any rules.

So if madame mayor isn't yet aware of just how much offroading means to the seniors of her community, she better get a briefing... where's Gordon when you need him?


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