Friday, March 27, 2009

Gastronomy: Eureka Seafood Buffet

We spent a "downtime" day beginning to put things back in boxes and close out Snowbird Headquarters.

Already getting nostalgic, we had to try one last "experience" at the Eureka hotel and casino's Friday night seafood buffet.

I think I've mentioned before that it is one of only two eating experiences in all of Mesquite which is worth the effort and doesn't make you sick. The other being Los Lupes Mexican restaurant.

The best travel quote of all time:
“If you don't knock it off, we'll turn this car around.”
Mom & Dad

Over the course of years we have tried them all. And, except for a couple of notable disgusting venues which we cannot forget, even in our sleep, we pretty much re-try them anew each year. We claim it is to give them another chance because they may have changed for the better; but, it's more likely that it's because snowbirds have trouble remembering from one year to the next.

Unfortunately for the Eureka, the recommendation does NOT extend to any other day of the week! It's terrible those days! On Friday's, however, the place draws the crowds like an "8 inch, split-tail, gold Rapalla" lure. You can't even get into the place!

Like the resourceful snowbirds that we are, however, we show them — we're there by 4pm!!! There's already a bit of a line, but nowhere near like what those poor souls who don't get hungry until the 6pm dinner-hour get for their trouble.

I'm told that they serve several thousand of the meals each month and that most of the population of St. George comes down for the lobster tails. That keeps the balance of trade more "balanced" because all the rest of the week Mesquite goes to St. George for dinner.


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