Tuesday, March 22, 2016

US State Borders and Information - Google Earth KML File

While looking for another host for this blog where I can move the several hundred posts, I'm still posting the occasional Google Earth Map. This time it is a resource map of all the US state borders from the USGS shape files.

No small effort to produce, it now can be downloaded from US State Borders and Info.

It tries to help solve a problem with Google Earth where the insipid thing tantalizes you with state and county borders but just when you want to see them most they, along with their labels, disappear just as you zoom in close enough to read them.

Opening this file, quickly displays the states in a color-coded fashion which then completely clears as you hover over it with your pointer and a readable label appears. By right-clicking and selecting "properties" on any state, you are able to alter color and transparency.

Those of you making your own maps can right-click on any particular state and "save as" - which will save a complete state file to your computer of that particular state.


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