Monday, January 14, 2013

Offroad: Mesquite to Overton Nevada

We've posted before about the offroad trip from Mesquite to Overton touching both the Virgin River and the historic Old Spanish Trail, but the trip is such a yearly tradition it deserves re-gifting.

The first of this month (Jan 2013) Hugh took Gordon and Mary, Jerry and Chellen and Craig and Vicki on the trip and stopped at Sugar's for lunch. Often, because the trail is so dusty and filled with "whoop-de-do's", the wives don't go; but, after the recent rains everyone got out on the rigs.

They left the water tank on Ben Franklin Drive on the outskirts of Mesquite which required them to go up and over Flat Top Mesa (the most often used route) before descending back down into Toquop Wash. Unfortunately, the road off of the mesa on the Toquop side has been severely washed out.

It's still passable with 4-WDs but less enjoyable because you're watching the trail instead of the view.

They made a quick rest stop near the Virgin River then continued on past the gun club and before climbing up and over the Mormon Mesa to descend into Overton and lunch.

Lunch was, where else, at Sugar's – the local cafĂ© full of nostalgia and good food.


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