Wednesday, June 13, 2012

GEO-tography: Oceans

There is nothing quite like living next to, or near, an ocean. From the temperate temperatures, to the wild weather; from the (mostly) free swimming to the "magnetic" sand; from the great growing-seasons to the constantly limp and damp bed-sheets; from the… well, you get the picture.

The one thing they all have in common however, is: Grandeur – and terrific places to take pictures because of it; especially if you go a little off-road.

Just about every category of photo we've highlighted here in GEO-tography is amplified at least double near the ocean. The crags are craggier; the colors more vibrant, and more subdued; the clouds more widely varied; water more in-your-face; and the sunsets, well, let's just say that you've never seen one until you've seen one across the watery horizon.

I don't know of another topic we have spotlighted in this category about photography of the "Geo," where the photo's almost "take themselves" more than at the ocean. And it's not all about water.

Ships and other vessels come in all shapes, sizes, colors and states of repair. Birds seem universally more… acrobatic; mammals more… laid back and inventive; and rocks more… intense and wet! And, of course, "Thar be mermaids laddie!"

Nowhere does the term "point and shoot" have as wonderful of meaning. Us amateurs can really look good and those of you with a little skill (and better equipment) should really stand out. Here are some examples of what I'm trying to say – and ideas to copy.

Photo Inspiration


Paulo Brandao


Josh Bozarth

Brent Danley

Paul Bica

Luis Argerich


Carl Jones

Tim Donnelly

Paulo Brandao

Matthew Kirkland

Bob AuBuchon

Michael Dawes

John Mueller

Toby Keller


Evan Leeson

Michael Chen




Trey Ratcliff

Evan Leeson


Hai Thinh

Khalid Almasoud


Matthew Stewart

Arthur Lewis

Isolino Ferreira

Jim Nix

Brent Pearson



Sarah Macmillan

Chris Lofqvist

Mikko Miettinen

Joel Bankhead


Pedro Szekely

Matthew Stewart



Breno Peck


Hamad Darwish

Gary Hayes



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