Thursday, March 22, 2012

Utah's Got It Right: Public Land Bill

I've just recieved word that the Governor of Utah will Sign the Public Land Bill tomorrow. It's being called A modern day declaration of independence designed to stop and prevent Obama's government from any more "land grabs."

"Tomorrow, Friday March 23rd Governor Herbert will conduct a bill signing ceremony for HB 148. This truly is the signing of a modern day Declaration of Independence. We will demand the transfer of nearly all the federally controlled public lands in Utah to state ownership. Utah will also begin a process to either wrest those lands from federal control and or manage them once the state gains title. This is not a bluff or a pipe dream. This is the beginning of a real and sustained revolution.

"The bill signing will take place at 2:30 PM in the Gold Room of the Capitol. The event is expected to conclude around 3:20 PM. Senator Hatch, Senator Lee, and Congressman Bishop have all agreed to participate and speak at the ceremony. Governor Herbert and Reps. Ivory and Barrus will also make remarks.


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